Pink Sphinx

The Pink Panther is in Egypt on an expedition to uncover a buried cave containing ancient treasures, and he has only enough money to purchase a tiny camel that can’t carry the load of tools that the Pink Panther has and that resists all the panther’s attempts to force it to do so. The Pink Panther must carry the load himself, with the camel on top! X marks the spot, and the Pink Panther digs and finds the cave, which is blocked by a huge boulder. His first attempt to dynamite the boulder is foiled by the camel, who brings the lit dynamite to the panther for it to explode in their faces. The Pink Panther ties the camel to a stake and lights more dynamite that obliterates the boulder and gives the Pink Panther access to the cave, but when he enters, he is cursed and metamorphoses into a series of bizarre creatures as he attempts to remove a large gem.