Pink Blue Plate

The diminutive owner of a diner situated next to a construction site is inundated with lunchtime customers and hires the Pink Panther as a short-order cook. But the accident-prone panther causes nothing but trouble for the little diner owner. A flipped pizza sticks to the kitchen ceiling, and when the Pink Panther saws a hole through the ceiling and the pizza, with a slab of ceiling wood beneath, falls onto the grill, the little diner owner hurries to bring the pizza to a burly, impatient customer, who bites into a truly wooden-crust pizza, then punishes the little man with a pie in the face. The same customer later requests on two separate occasions a cake and blueberry pie. The Pink Panther catapults the cake into the customer’s face, and a fan blows the blueberry topping of the pie to the same unfortunate place. The irate customer puts a R.I.P. wreath at the door of the diner and chases panther and little owner into the horizon.