A drunken witch drops her magic wand, and the Pink Panther finds it and decides to use it for a good deed by transforming a scrawny, dirt-poor girl into a ravishing beauty for a night of dance with heartthrob Pelvis Parsley. But the witch repossesses the wand, and the Pink Panther, unable to extend its magic past midnight, must collect the girl and return her home before Parsley can see her revert to her unattractive self. She leaves a slipper, which remains beautiful, and Parsley uses it to find the foot that it fits. He arrives at the girl’s shack, puts the slipper on, kisses her when he sees that it fits her foot, and is delighted to see it transform her back to enchanting beauty. They leave in Parsley’s car to be married, and she waves goodbye to her benefactor panther. The Pink Panther finds the wand again and fights with the witch for possession, and in the ensuing battle of magic spells, the witch becomes a female pink panther, with whom the Pink Panther elopes.