In the Pink

The Pink Panther goes to the gym when he becomes fat. Later, he sees the Little Man and gets a leotard and stretches the Little Man. After, he sees a picture of a man lifting a weight. He pokes the man and the man slaps him back. He opens the drapes on the picture and the weight falls on his head knocking him unconscious. The panther then bounces on the trampoline, landing on the Little Man’s weight breaking the floor piece (shaped like a weight). Then the Little Man is curled up in a ball, and Pink bounces him into a trash can. Then Pink practices shadow boxing unfortunately, his shadow keeps hitting him back. After Pink has had enough, he takes a weight not realizing the Little Man opens the door and falls down the stairs and got knock unconscious again. Pink then tries to hit a punching bag that shrinks. Unfortunately, a hen appears and sits on it (as if it thought it was an egg. The punching bag grows again and the hen makes Pink her husband, with the baby bird (inside the punching bag) punching him, as for the baby wearing boxing gloves. Then he decides to lift a weight and drops it in the gym pool, where the Little Man is diving and the weight makes a hole in the pool. Then Pink has trouble with a gym ride which goes wild and slams him in the wall. Then Pink tries to smile (after looking guilty).