Pinto Pink

The Pink Panther is determined to complete his journey to Anaheim, which is 1250 miles away! He tries hitchhiking, but no cars stop for him. Then, he spots a laughing horse on a nearby farm and decides to ride the horse to Anaheim. But the horse has no intention of letting the panther ride him. The Pink Panther attempts to climb on the horse's back by using a ladder, but is shot upward by the horse's hooves. He tries sliding on a saddle off of a roof and onto the horse, but the horse rams him into a wooden arch. He ties himself, in a saddle, to the horse, but the horse walks so as to cause the rope to rotate the unwanted rider to the horse's underside, bumping the panther's head painfully on the ground and submerging him in a river. Undaunted, the Pink Panther puts rollerskates on the horse and ascends onto the horse's back. The out-of-control skates send the pair into the path of a train...

The Pink Panther