Swing Ding Amigo

Speedy’s A-Go-Go Club is the hottest spot in town. Unfortunately, it’s right downstairs from Daffy, who’s trying to sleep. Daffy tries pounding on the floor (ignored), stuffing cotton in his ears (it pops out), smashing Speedy with a mallet through the phone (Speedy smashes Daffy instead) . Failing that, Daffy drills a hole in the floor and drops in a hand grenade. It keeps popping back up through holes in ever more distant places, the last of which is a rowboat in the middle of the lake. Daffy tries locking Speedy out, but Daffy shoots at Speedy with a shotgun, making a hole in the door. He tries sucking Speedy out with a vacuum cleaner, but Speedy fills it with gunpowder. Daffy gives up, and joins the band on cymbals from his bed.