Salmon Pink

While having picnic on the beach, the Pink Panther gets befriended by a salmon, who desperately wants to follow him home. At first, he has trouble surviving on dry land, but he learns fast, and when the panther sees the salmon on his doorstep with the morning paper in his mouth, he decides to adopt him as his pet. While out walking, the salmon wants to see “Moby Dick” playing in the movie theater, and the panther manages to sneak him in. However, when the salmon, gasping again, dives into the mug of lemonade another patron is holding, the panther and his pet rush out of the theater. A visit to the Ocean World Aquarium turns out bad, as the guard thinks the panther has stolen the salmon from them, so the fish ends up in one of the tanks. The panther has to disguise himself and secretly free the salmon from the tank.