Pink Panic

The Pink Panther, seeking nightly shelter from a storm, comes upon a Western frontier ghost town called Dead Dog, and the one hotel in the town is haunted. While trying to stay the night at the Dead Dog Hotel, the panther is accosted by a two-eyed, chair-covering sheet, which is an unfriendly ghost. A moving skeleton crawls into the Pink Panther’s bed and scares the panther, who does battle against ghost and skeleton by hitting both with a stick. The ghost dons a six-gun belt and pursues the panther into a wine cellar, where the panther pickles the ghost in a wine keg. The drunken ghost is then inflated like a balloon by the Pink Panther and burst, becoming a group of little specters that join the skeleton in pursuing the Pink Panther. The resulting noise prompts the town sheriff to arrest the Pink Panther and his supernatural foes- until sunrise causes ghosts, skeleton, sheriff, and whole town to vanish.