Slink Pink

A homeless Pink Panther, seeking shelter on a bitterly cold night, sneaks through a window into the cozy, warm living room of a diminutive, excitable game hunter, whose stuffed animal-head trophies adorn the walls of his abode. The Pink Panther's mooching presence in the house never arouses the hunter's suspicion that there is an unwelcome guest, but the hunter's dog knows about the Pink Panther's intrusion and repeatedly tries to alert its master. The Pink Panther replaces the stuffed body of a Ugandan panther with himself in a still pose and doesn't blink when the man repeatedly whacks him with a stick to show to his dog that the panther is dead and stuffed, and when the man leaves the room and the dog remains, the Pink Panther hits the dog with the stick. Every time the dog tries to retaliate against the Pink Panther, the Pink Panther has moved and the man has taken his place...

The Pink Panther