Wigwam Whoopee

Popeye follows along behind the Mayflower in his own rowboat. He washes up on Plymouth Rock. Meanwhile, Indian princess Olive is showering beneath a waterfall. She accidentally gets stuck in Popeye’s musket, and is blasted into the sky. When she comes down, Popeye kisses her to revive her, and they instantly fall in love. The chief, who has designs on Olive himself, sees this and goes after Popeye, but since he doesn’t want to alienate Olive himself, avoids a direct confrontation. Instead, he gives Popeye a pole to hold; he soon finds himself tied to it with a blazing fire. Olive sees this and rushes to save him, but the chief comes after her. She’s soon in peril, and that means it’s time for the spinach and turning his attackers into Indian-head pennies and buffalo nickels.