We Give Pink Stamps

The Pink Panther secrets himself inside Gamble’s Department Store, so that after closing time, he can occupy the warm building for a night. But when a diminutive, pointy-nosed janitor arrives, the panther must go back into hiding. He conceals himself inside the mouth of a tiger-skin rug. When the janitor sweeps floor litter into the mouth of the rug, the Pink Panther ejects the litter and causes the janitor to think that the rug is alive. The janitor obtains a rifle and shoots the rug after the Pink Panther has crawled out of it. When the janitor spots cat prints on an escalator and is stealthily tapped on the back by the Pink Panther, he thinks the tiger-skin rug is responsible and goes back to fire more shots into it. The Pink Panther tries some of the store’s merchandise, including a miniature rocket car, a washing machine, an iron, and, finally, a convertible chair, which starts biting like a dog and attacks the janitor.