A supply satellite arrives at the space station, where Tom is the guardian, (despite his high-technical gadgets) is not fortunate, at trying to catch Jerry, before the cheese is taken by Jerry. While Tom is asleep, Jerry gets into a speedy car, after the cheese he noticed, but it was traced by a radar, that woke Tom up, from a nap, is a ball, with originally had a smiling face, after the ball hit the radar’s smiling face head then appears in severe pain, like an upper-cut when somebody hits someone else’s chin. Tom was woke up, after water was poured over his head. Later, Tom then succeeds in catching Jerry and shoots Jerry away to the moon, where there is numerous tastes of cheese and Jerry is happier there. Tom then goes wild, shooting numerous black holes, into the space station (almost causing it to collapse) and was caught and forced by astronauts to re-patch the holes he shot, in excitement.