Mother Pluto

A hen has taken up residence in Pluto’s doghouse and laid her eggs. She steps out; Pluto comes home and the eggs all hatch, and the chicks take Pluto for mommy and won’t let go. Then a grasshopper comes along, and all the chicks chase after it. Pluto tries to sneak off, but the chick that swallowed the hopper comes hopping along and bumps into Pluto. He feels sorry for it and is soon overrun by chicks again. He helps them scratch up a worm. The hen returns and argues with Pluto over the babies. She brings the rooster into the argument. While they fight, the babies run to the doghouse. Pluto wins and settles in, sad to see the chicks go without realizing they’re hiding in the straw all around him. When they emerge, he’s happy.