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Popeye and Olive head west to the small town of Puddleville ("The Laziest Town On Earth") to publish a newspaper that he bought called the Puddleville Splash. Popeye cannot sell any papers because the inhabitants are too lazy to get an education and cannot read. He builds a schoolhouse for Olive to teach them how to read so that they can buy his newspapers. Three vicious town bullies (not Brutus this time!) try to put an end to his plans. The Bruiser Boys scare them away and start to tear the schoolhouse down. There's a nice "message" for young and old alike. Popeye dresses up as an old woman and takes care of the Bruiser Boys to prove to the townspeople that even an old lady can stand up to them. The people get their education, and now being able to read, they flock to buy the Puddleville Splash.