The Super Duper Market

Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy go food shopping at a supermarket, but manager Brutus wants to "purchase" Olive. When Popeye reaches the door, mechanical gadgets make noises and bounce Popeye about. Popeye piles carts to the top with spinach, with only one small bunch of carrots. Wimpy gets all hamburgers, with the exception of one chicken. Olive is angry with them, and Brutus puts each of them in shopping bags and hangs them on a conveyor belt. He then takes Olive to an exotic basement to show her foods from foreign lands. She tastes foods and sees kangaroo steaks jumping. Olive sees an adorable mouse, and both she and the mouse attempt to run in opposite directions. Brutus attempts to get the mouse. Popeye frees himself and Wimpy, and he battles Brutus. Fade out as Olive is feeding the mouse kangaroo steak. The mouse has to catch the steak before he can eat it.