The Medicine Man

Popeye has a thriving medicine show business where he sells bottles of spinach juice- which is guaranteed to bring back a person's vim and vigor and prevent sunburn, windburn and moonburn! Popeye's Medicine Show comes to Dr. Quack's (really Brutus') town. The doctor, afraid that Popeye will hurt his business, frames him as a fraud, and tries to prove that the elixir is no good. The doctor buys a bottle, switches a bottle of his own and returns to Popeye. He makes it appear that Popeye is ill by using pepper, hot sauce, etc. to give him hiccups. He challenges Popeye in front of the crowd to drink some of his own medicine. When Popeye drinks the bottle that Bluto has given him, he gets the hiccups. The crowd all leave, laughing at Popeye. Dr. Quack then prescribes deadly cures, all the while coming on to Popeye's lovely assistant, Olive Oyl. Of course, spinach is the ultimate cure.