The Big Sneeze

Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swee'Pea are on a skiing vacation in the French Alps. Their guide is a St. Bernard dog. Olive refuses to ski because she is afraid of mining her new raccoon coat, so the rest of the party go off without her. Mysteriously, Olive's new coat is stolen. She discovers a trail of footprints and sets off to find her coat. When Popeye, Swee'Pea and the dog return, they start looking for Olive. The culprit isn't the usual suspect, Bluto, but Quasimodo, "The Halfback of Notre Dame," who is a most unusual scoundrel. They find Olive a captive of the abominable snowman, who suffers so much from colds every winter that he stole Olive's coat to get warm. He also captures Popeye and Swee'Pea, but the dog gets away and comes back with a can of spinach, which Olive eats. She beats up the snowman, frees her friends and gets her coat back. However, she has a change of heart when the snowman starts sneezing and shivering, and she gives him her coat after all.