Popeye The Lifeguard

Popeye is a lifeguard and all the girls on the beach are falling all over him. Olive is miffed at seeing Popeye's lifeguard chair surrounded by adoring females. Olive tries to get his attention by diving off a pier and yelling "Help!" Popeye rescues her and is very angry because she took him away from all the girls. Of course, things get out of hand very quickly, and soon, Olive is in real danger. Olive takes off again on a plastic horse. Popeye cannot catch her. She runs into Brutus and goes rowing with him so that she can make Popeye jealous. When Brutus tries to kiss Olive, she hits him with a paddle. Brutus ties her up and she yells "Help!" Popeye comes to the rescue. The fight begins. Popeye winds Brutus up and sends him through the water like a torpedo. The episode closes with Popeye and Olive rowing. When Olive goes overboard, Popeye reels her in, saying, "It's funny wid all the fish in the sea, I guess I's stuck wid Olive!"