Popeye's Junior Headache

Olive tells a dead-tired Popeye that she's going to the beauty parlor and insists that he babysit babysit her little niece Deezil. Popeye says that he has been working very hard and needs some sleep, but Olive wins. Popeye tries to talk Deezil into taking a nap and starts reading fairy tales to her, but to no avail. The pint-sized brat beats up poor Popeye, who soon finds out that he'd rather be spending an afternoon getting pummeled by Brutus! Deezil torments Popeye until she finally ties him up. He can't get loose, but he manages to creep into the kitchen and knock down a can of spinach. But after eating it, nothing happens. Deezil tells him that she has changed all the labels on the cans, and that she ate the spinach. She becomes strong and unwittingly bops Popeye, knocking him out. While he's in this helpless condition, Deezil dresses him in one of Olive's dresses and puts a wig on him. At this point, Olive comes home and is furious because she has just paid a lot of money at the beauty parlor for her hairdo, and Deezil has done the wig in the same style. Olive insists that Popeye is trying to make fun of her, and she clobbers him. Popeye ends up in the hospital, and Olive and Deezil come to visit. Diesel shoots an arrow which cuts the rope holding the sandbags over Popeye's head and knocks him out. Popeye finally gets his much-wanted sleep.