Popeye's Hypnotic Glance

Brutus reads a book on hypnotism and makes Olive Oyl fall in love with him. Olive, in a trance, believes hypnotist Brutus' words "You love Brutus." When Popeye finds this out, he demands that Brutus undo it, but instead, Alice the Goon gets hypnotized, too, and she falls in love with him! Popeye starts to break up the hoax when Alice the Goon enters, drags Popeye to the kitchen, and ties him to a chair. Things get rather messy for Popeye. Will Popeye's spinach help him this time? Popeye asks for spinach, and Alice feeds it to him. Popeye breaks out of the chair, grabs the hypnotist book, and reads and snaps Olive and Alice out of the trances. He hypnotizes Brutus to believe that the Goon is his true love.