Motor Knocks

Brutus and Olive Oyl flirt up a storm when Popeye and Olive drive into Brutus' Garage for a fill-up. Popeye goes to wash up, while Brutus puts gas in the car and tries to make a play for Olive. He tells her that he doesn't intend to be a grease monkey all his life, because his ambition is to be a songwriter. He flatters her through gag song titles, and she falls for it. When Popeye returns, things get really messy (and costly) for Popeye when Brutus gets a look under the hood of the car and messes up the wiring. Brutus sabotages Popeye's car so that it will crash down Suicide Hill, leaving him free to drive away in the tow truck with Olive. About halfway up, the car conks out and rolls back down to the foot of the hill. Brutus comes along in his tow truck and offers to tow the car. On the pretense that Olive will be safer with him in the tow truck, he leaves Popeye in the car and starts to tow it. At the top of the hill, he unhooks Popeye's car, leaving it to roll down the hill as he rides off with Olive. A can of spinach in the dashboard helps turn the tables. Popeye eats his spinach, and zipping behind the car, pushes it back up the hill after them. Catching up to the tow truck, there is a wild scrimmage. When the smoke clears, Popeye is riding with Olive in the cab of the tow truck, and Brutus is hanging by the seat of his pants from the derrick in back.