Invisible Popeye

Olive Oyl is kidnapped by space aliens! Popeye and The Professor use their wits (and invisibility pills) to attempt a daring rescue! Olive is dusting a time machine which starts growling and sucks her inside. The machine spins out a message to The Professor- WE HAVE AN EARTH SPECIMEN FROM YOUR PLANET AND SHE WILL BE PUT ON EXHIBITION. The Professor calls Popeye. Popeye blows his top, eats spinach, and asks the Professor to put him on a Mars beam. Pan to the top of a dome that seals a Martian city within. Popeye tries to get in everywhere, but in vain. The Professor calls him back and tells him that his last chance is his invisible pills. Popeye sees a hunter go in the dome by giving the magic knock. Invisible Popeye does the same and is admitted. The Martians are mystified. Olive is on view inside a transparent dome. A moat surrounds the enclosure. Popeye dives in the moat, and we see splashes as he moves to the dome. Popeye throws an iron ball at the guard, who thinks that his companion guard threw it. The guard walks over to the other guard and hits him. While the fight is on, Popeye frees Olive. The cartoon closes with Olive dusting a chemistry tube. She sneezes and inhales an invisible pill. Popeye asks, "Where's Olive?" A voice says, "Here I am, Popeye." Popeye shrugs.