Hamburger Fishing

Popeye tells Swee'Pea the story of a hamburger "fisherman." In this story, Wimpy- obviously!- plays the hamburger fisherman, while Olive Oyl plays a cow (she was turned in a cow by the Sea Hag!). The hungry fisherman is casting for hamburgers in a forest with a lasso. Wimpy catches the cow, who grants him three wishes. A mean witch appears and demands payment for 4,011 hamburgers, but Wimpy won't use the wishes. In the following action, one wish produces a hamburger, another fixes it to the witch's nose, and the third ends in a fisherman's mouth. The witch throws Wimpy out of the palace, and he asks the cow for three more wishes. The cow declines. A prince (Popeye) comes out of the forest and kisses the cow, who's transformed into a princess (Olive). The fisherman receives the hamburger stand.