Egypt Us

Thinking that they are going to the beach at Coney Island, Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy take a wrong turn en route (Olive reads the map wrong), and they end up in the Egyptian desert. The car quits. Popeye, Olive and Wimpy are walking across the desert in bathing suits carrying an umbrella, a ball and baskets of food. Olive is looking for a beach, assuming that they are in Atlantic City. Popeye is dubious, especially since they took such a long ferry ride to get there. Olive thinks that the Sphinx is a funhouse. Deciding to go no further, they start a fire to cook hamburgers while Olive goes off to find the ocean. She finds a cave and is captured by some natives. The cult of locals make Olive their queen- so that they can sacrifice her!!!! Popeye is jumped by Egyptians and carried through a secret entrance in the Sphinx. He discovers that Olive has been made a desert goddess. Popeye tries to get Olive to leave, but she loves her new position. When she discovers what they have in mind, Popeye tries to save Olive from them and the picnic lunch (hamburgers) from Wimpy. There follow actions with mummies, daddies and a few crocodiles. However, Popeye saves Olive and returns to the picnic to find that Wimpy has eaten everything.