Duel To The Finish

Olive wants more romance, but she can't get Popeye romantically interested in her. Olive complains to Popeye that he is not romantic any more. He answers, "I yam a man's man an' only sissies are romantical!" Olive contrives to use Wimpy to make Popeye jealous. Since the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, she starts cooking so that Wimpy will smell the hamburgers and give Popeye some competition. Wimpy makes a big play for Olive to keep getting more hamburgers. At first, Popeye laughs at Wimpy's insincere lovemaking, but when it seems that Olive really is impressed, he becomes madly jealous. Popeye challenges Wimpy to a duel, allowing Wimpy to choose the weapons. Wimpy chooses hamburgers, a knife and a fork for an eating duel. The one who eats the most wins Olive's hand. Olive frantically cooks the hamburgers for the duel, which Wimpy devours with relish. Popeye cannot keep up with him, and he finally has to give up. When Wimpy hears that Olive has run out of food, he concedes the match, saying, "True love wins out, Olive is indeed your girl!" He leaves. Olive and Popeye are both pooped as Popeye says, "Olive, the next time you decides to make me jealous, give me notice so's that I can diets for it!"