Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink

The Pink Panther buys a land lot atop a narrow mesa, and the house he builds blocks a nearby observatory's view of the Moon. At first, the short, pointy-nosed astronomer at the observatory zooms his huge telescope into the panther's window and believes the newspaper photo of a sexy woman being looked upon by the panther is an actual observation of life on the Moon, and he telephones the fantastic finding to his employers. The Pink Panther builds a brick wall to block the telescope's view, and the hostilities begin. The little astronomer tries to dynamite the wall, and it falls on top of him, while the Pink Panther operates the observatory's telescope door to close and cut off the outer part of the telescope. While the astronomer zooms the repaired telescope into a view of the Moon's surface, he sees dancing, little green men, which are really puppets being controlled by the panther onto the lens of the telescope...

The Pink Panther