An Ounce of Pink

The Pink Panther encounters a coin-operated talking weight and fortune machine which suggests that he bring it home with him on the basis of it being a valuable asset, able to provide weather forecasts and sports scores and predict the future whenever the panther so-desires. The Pink Panther assents to the machine's proposal, but whenever the machine is on the verge of disclosing expected important information, it goes silent, requiring the panther to insert a dime in the machine's coin slot. Besides, the information is not helpful in improving the panther's condition as a safe falls on top of the Pink Panther after the machine foresees a fortune "com(ing his) way", "back payment from a rear" is really a painful impact onto him from behind by a speeding car, and the panther refuses to believe the machine's statement that his future is "in the bag"...

The Pink Panther