A Mouse in the House

Mammy is tired of Jerry always eating her food and ruining her kitchen, so she gives her two cats, Tom & Butch, a warning: whoever catches the mouse gets to stay, but the one that doesn't is out. Tom and Butch begin their search for Jerry, but the mouse proves himself smarter by hitting the cats with mallets and making the oven explode. When they manage to catch the mouse they decide to battle on a duel and the winner takes all, but Tom tries to cheat and his plan backfires. Later the cats fight for Jerry, and the mouse tricks them to constantly hit each other (in a looped animated sequence). Butch finally gets ahold of Jerry and brings it to Mammy, who is actually Tom in disguise, so Tom clobbers Butch and takes the mouse. Then Butch disguises as Mammy and Tom falls for the trap too. Butch runs with Jerry but hits a plank and Jerry escapes, so the two cats are back at looking for Jerry...

Tom & Jerry