A Mutt in a Rut

"Two go out, but only one comes back!" That's the conclusion Elmer Fudd's dog, Rover comes to after watching "The Dog Lover's Hour" TV show. It seems that, on this particular installment, the host plans to discuss heartless masters who kill their hunting dogs on trips after they have grown old and worn out their usefulness. Elmer, not knowing what's behind Rover's suddenly hostile, edgy demeanor, suggests the two go on a hunting trip--exactly what Rover doesn't want to hear. Fearing the worst, the paranoid pooch sets up a number of traps to kill off the unsuspecting Elmer. The ill-fated attempts include swiping Elmer's gun and shooting at him from afar, but killing a bear instead; releasing a wildcat on Fudd; and planting a land mine beneath where Elmer rests. Every time, Elmer thinks his dog is saving him from said catastrophies. Later at home, an injured Rover watches TV as another installment of "The Dog Lover's Hour" is set to air, sending the bow-wow over the edge; he runs off to...

Warner Bros.
Elmer Fudd